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About Amanda

While growing up in Greenwich, Connecticut, Dr. Whitacre was often told that “medicine isn’t what it used to be.” Her family was referring to the days when a practitioner would take the time to really get to know patients—assessing their symptoms in the context of overall health and in relation to family, friends, and surroundings. 

Dr. Whitacre has taken this traditional approach and combined it with a decade of psychological training and cutting-edge research. With a bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University, a master’s degree from Columbia University, and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, she aims to bring back what treatment once was:

comprehensive, caring, informed, and individualized. 

Dr. Whitacre’s treatment approach is rooted in psychodynamic psychotherapy (insight-oriented talk therapy) and draws on empirically validated techniques from Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Her clients have expressed that she is “deeply genuine,” “empathic,” and “passionate” about their work together. This comes from her commitment to examine clients as whole beings, rather than only through the lens of their symptoms. 

With adults, children, families, and couples, Dr. Whitacre engages in a joint effort toward symptom relief and self-actualization. Her intention is for clients of all ages to look forward to coming to therapy and to feel supported and guided in the journey. 



Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Long Island University (Brooklyn, NY)


Master of Arts in Psychology in Education, Columbia University (New York, NY)

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Bachelor of Arts, Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD)



  • Adolescent Health Center, Mount Sinai Hospital

  • Beth Israel Medical Center

  • Columbia University Medical Center

  • Mount Sinai—St. Luke’s Hospital (now Morningside)

  • New York Presbyterian—Columbia 

New York Presbyterian.png



  • Adolescent & adult inpatient units

  • Child development center

  • College counseling center

  • Elementary school

  • Private (group) practices

  • Therapeutic nursery

Columbia Medical Center.png



  • Columbia Medical Center          ~ Topic: Neurological                     changes during therapy

  • Columbia University                  ~ Topic: Lying and deception           in therapy

  • Long Island University 
     ~ Topic: Young adults                    exposed to parental conflict

  • ​St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital       (now Mount Sinai West)            ~ Topic: Trauma in development









  ~ Eastern Psychological Association, 2020 Conference 

~ Eastern Psychological Association, 2016 Conference
   ~ American Psychological Association, 2014 Convention


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