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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy

Individual therapy is offered for all ages. You will engage in integrated treatment that draws upon psychodynamic therapy with a relational focus, as well as skill building in behavioral and emotional regulation. Your treatment will be tailored to your unique needs. Together with your therapist, you will identify personal goals, work toward symptom relief, and participate in a supportive and dynamic therapeutic process. 

At FCPS, we work with a wide range of clinical issues, such as depression, anxiety, mood dysregulation, PTSD, behavioral disorders, ADHD, developmental delays, social deficits, bipolar symptoms, borderline and other personality disorders, marital issues, grief and loss, and fertility and postpartum challenges.

Child and adolescent therapy

Individual therapy is offered for children and adolescents. This treatment takes a psychodynamic approach, with the addition of evidence-based-practices, specifically those of Marsha Linehan’s Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). This integrated treatment is effective for challenges common to this age group, including low self-esteem, mood dysregulation, self-injury, eating disordered behavior, borderline symptoms, and familial miscommunication. 

At FCPS, children will feel comforted and supported, while also learning hands-on tactics to assist in mood regulation, social skills, and mindfulness. We encourage children to talk, joke, draw, and play—in an effort to aid in their therapeutic progress and their enjoyment of the experience. With clients under 18 years old, we encourage caregivers to be involved, as needed or desired.

Child & Adolescent Therapy

Play therapy for young children

For children ages three to ten, we offer play therapy. This treatment utilizes toys/dolls/role play/artwork/imagination to help children work through obstacles, express feelings, overcome fears, and/or process trauma. “The therapeutic power of play” (Association for Play Therapy) serves to help children attain emotional growth and build mastery in a safe and playful environment.


This treatment is recommended for children struggling from familial trauma, parental conflict, divorce, anxiety, developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, oppositional defiant disorder, phobias, grief/loss, depression, and/or ADHD, to name a few.

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Play Therapy

Trauma treatment

With individuals recovering from trauma or suffering from symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), we offer Prolonged Exposure (PE) therapy, developed by Dr. Edna Foa. This is an empirically supported technique aimed at facing and conquering painful emotions associated with trauma—and the elements of life that are often feared and avoided due to traumatic events. This treatment is appropriate for adults and young adults.

Trauma Treatment

Family and couples therapy

We offer family therapy and couples therapy, both from a Bowenian family systems perspective. With families, we work to improve communication and to untangle problematic dyads in an effort to rebalance and reaffirm the family unit.


With couples, we work toward strengthening the romantic union as well as highlighting each person’s individuality—while coping with unique life stressors. A consultation session is helpful to see if this therapy is right for you and yours.

Family & Couples Therapy
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